Cancer Care Available for Seniors in Huntington Beach

Did you know that there are many different forms of cancer, which range from Bladder Cancer to Lung Cancer to Melanoma? These diseases are all unique in their own symptoms, but what they share in common, especially for malignant cancer, is the pain that can come from living with cancer. Not only is there risk of harm from the disease itself, but also from the methods used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is often used to combat cancer, but the radiation from chemo therapy often leaves their patients in pain and without hair. It’s a very painful procedure, both physically and emotionally.

But while it requires a lot of strength and bravery to fight off cancer, there is no need to be suffering alone. A-1 Home Care understands the trials and tears that can come with enduring cancer and that’s why we’d like to offer our services in support. With our Cancer caregivers, your life or that of your loved one can have its burdened lifted, as whatever task is necessary in the house or at a facility can be handled by our in home and live in home helpers. Along with cancer care, they are also trained to administer Companion Care, Senior Care for the elderly, and Special Needs Care for the developmentally disabled.

For more information on our senior services, call our office at 714 523 4010 or check us out at Huntington Beach In Home Care. 

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